Design Works is a collection of principles and tools for driving innovation and enterprise growth through the practice of Business Design.

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Design Works is a guide to creating new value in any venture - from start-ups to established enterprises. It draws from decades of Heather’s business experience across many sectors and geographies, 7 years of academic incubation and training of thousands business practitioners and students, along with 7 years of advanced application at Vuka Innovation.

This expanded edition presents pragmatic principles, frameworks and tools for creating and capturing new value through the strategic, design-inspired practice of Business Design. Application is brought to life through real-world case studies and inspiring interviews with those who have put Business Design to work in their enterprises.

Building on the foundational principles established in the first edition, this revised and expanded edition more deeply explores practices that drive innovation and growth – through new stories, insights, interviews and tools. It offers shrewd advice on how to effectively link innovation efforts to enterprise strategy, contextualize the innovation challenge, mindfully engage employees and other important stakeholders, and integrate data analysis with an eye to building a compelling business case for investment in value-creating efforts.

“As a design leader in a giant global enterprise and whose team maintains a vibrant design and design-thinking practice, I regularly encounter business leaders and fence sitters who struggle with breaking paradigms and taking risks that can lead to growth. With her new book, Heather Fraser has unlocked the tactical secrets and outright magic needed to turn these discussions into engagement and action.

It is THE essential read for design and business now.”

- Robert T. Schwartz,
Vice President, Global Design and User Experience,
GE Healthcare”